One Of Ours Needs Us
Hey ’73 Falcons and Braves, not sure you received this news on Facebook but we’ve got a brother that needs our support, prayers and if possible, donations.


Shortly after we got the chance to reconnect with Pat Sheeran at the reunion in September his family sustained a life altering event as their son, Pat Sheeran Jr. was critically injured after being hit by a car in Florida.



I visited the Caring Bridge website (linked above) to get an idea of the extent of what the Sheeran’s are facing. Young Patrick has huge mountain to climb as you will see when you follow the thread of his progress thus far. Pat and Karen Sheeran could use our support in a big way. Contact them through Facebook, stay updated through Caring Bridge and leave them a message in the guestbook, and above all keep Patrick in your thoughts and prayers. If you have the resources please consider sending a donation to reach our goal of $120,000.00 for Patrick’s long road to recovery.
I believe this would do them a world of good right now knowing that we have their back.




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