Final Countdown

Go ahead – pull out the ‘73 year book and see what we (you) used to look like, start to fret that nobody will recognize you, practice in the mirror sneaking a peek at someone’s nametag because you don’t have the faintest idea who you’re talking to, worry that you’re just not as sharp as you used to be or that you put on a pound or two …


Leave the stupid book on the shelf and take pride in the fresh wrinkles and gray (or lack of) hair. You earned every one of them! Remember that you have 40 years of (good and bad) ‘stuff’ behind you that have made you unrecognizably better than you used to be. The nametag thing? Oh whatever – wear it upside down. And if you’ve lived life the right way the likelihood that you haven’t lost a step or gained a number or two in the clothing department is pretty remote.


We’re all on equal footing, we’re all from the same family and who really cares about paragraph #1 anyhow?

I, for one, intend to simply enjoy the afternoon getting together with old friends, have a burger and a loaded dog, some salad to keep my wife happy, and a trip or two to the Cash Bar .. all this while sharing lies about our high school feats, exaggerating our career successes and minimizing our failures, and promising not to let it go another 15 years. Oh, by the way; we also get to do a little bit for the American Cancer Society for our brother, Billy P.

See you there!

OHS/AHS ‘73 @ 40 Unofficial No Fuss No Muss Reunion

Renault Winery – Tuscany House

September 29, 2013 (2:00 – 5:00)


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