Game On

Yes, the RSVP list has closed BUT (sshh!) I will get you in the door if you let me know in the next day or two. Email your RSVP NOW not tomorrow, to Renault has given us a little leeway to kick those delinquent, recalcitrant classmates off the fence (you know I’m talking to you – please, for goodness sake, do not make us send George Castine to your house) and onto the list of “of course I’m going”.

90 people have signed up for this fiasco. Renault says, “bring it”. If you know a teacher or coach or administrator, – invite them ….. If you know someone from ‘72 or ‘74 and beyond that would like to catch up – invite them …. more people means more $$$ that will go into the Billy Fund for the American Cancer Society. I can see Petuskey laughing and shaking his head at us!

By the way all those people that I just asked you to invite must RSVP …where? (for the 1000th time)

PICTURES: Nancy Klinger Poljak needs photos from ‘back in the day’. Forward them to  where they will be put to music for a Bravo cable TV show titled’, The Real Classmates of ‘73.

Dr. Charlie Guenther (world renown specialist in emotional disorders) would like to invite persons afflicted with RSDS (Reunion Straggler Diehard Syndrome) to the Reunion After Party at Tailgater’s in Pomona …. Come receive therapy from our trained professional counselors and complimentary front row seats for the Eagles, Sunday Night Football game. (White Horse Pike  between Jim Leeds Rd. and Odessa Ave.)

Renault Winery Tuscany House, Egg Harbor, Sunday, 29 September 2013, 2-5 p.m., $50 entry fee per person (cash, no credit cards), dress code, Men – clean clothes, Ladies – the little black dress will do just fine, otherwise whatever you’ve got.



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