Details, Details, Details

1.) Awesome response so far lots of RSVP’s – Lots of questions about payment …. the good news is that we’ve50 bill made it easy …. $50 at the door (not the $45 listed in the snail mail invitation). CASH is king but will take a check (begrudgingly). We are working to get formal receipts for tax purposes for the $20+ portion that will automatically go to the American Cancer Society

2.) Email any pictures you may have from our high school era to Nancy Klinger-Poljak as she is putting together a slide show that is bound to embarrass and expose all of us. If you think one of your BFF(s) is about to send in a photo of you, the best recourse would be to send in a retaliatory strike, i.e. a photo of your own!

3.) 29 September 2013, 2-5 p.m. Renault Winery – Tuscany House, Totally Casual BBQ, No Fuss No Muss, (persons wearing tuxedoes or wrist corsages will not be admitted without an appropriate explanation OR $50 per person)

4.) RSVP TODAY .. RSVP deadline is 15 September


2 thoughts on “Details, Details, Details

  1. Saturday social – Mays Landing?
    Scott – Charlie here – What do you think of an informal social on Saturday in Mays Landing somewhere?

    I’ll help organize. Contact me at or phone 970-260-1928.

    Looking forward to seeing you and others – three hours will go by too fast!!

    Thanks for all you’ve done to make this happen!


    PS – this is my RSVP

    • Charlie …. YES, absolutely Saturday social – you have the lead – I will not be available as I am cycling in the MS City to Shore charity event from Philly area to Ocean City ….. I will add this to my next post on the website – that you are working to try to organize and link to your email
      got your RSVP

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