Details, Details, Details

1.) Awesome response so far lots of RSVP’s – Lots of questions about payment …. the good news is that we’ve50 bill made it easy …. $50 at the door (not the $45 listed in the snail mail invitation). CASH is king but will take a check (begrudgingly). We are working to get formal receipts for tax purposes for the $20+ portion that will automatically go to the American Cancer Society

2.) Email any pictures you may have from our high school era to Nancy Klinger-Poljak as she is putting together a slide show that is bound to embarrass and expose all of us. If you think one of your BFF(s) is about to send in a photo of you, the best recourse would be to send in a retaliatory strike, i.e. a photo of your own!

3.) 29 September 2013, 2-5 p.m. Renault Winery – Tuscany House, Totally Casual BBQ, No Fuss No Muss, (persons wearing tuxedoes or wrist corsages will not be admitted without an appropriate explanation OR $50 per person)

4.) RSVP TODAY .. RSVP deadline is 15 September


The Usual Suspects are beginning to sign up

Here’s the list of characters so far that have sent a formal RSVP to

Jeanne Hobson Hubbard, Judy Gronlund Jacob.Kathleen Breder Marburger, Nancy Klinger Poljak, Luann Leseman Inman, Sharon Kennedy Tommi, Patti Wyner Schwenger, Terri Wellner, Pat Sheeran, Tim Leary, Joe Losasso

These are additional names that have checked into the reunion conversation via social media and expressed interest but no RSVP to basicidea@live.comyet.

Pat DiGiacomo, Larry Surkin, Eleanor Ausby Godbold, Ginger Hagaman, Lynn Roesch, Bill Wyner, Jean Weisbecker Hess, Joanne Ripley Hennessy, Donna Slunt Nelson, Doris Ettmueller Hawkins, Dennis Dempsey, Marilyn Mohn Ryan, Nadine Clybourn, Patty Merlino, Mike Curcio, Tammy Schaab (Jay), Joann Henderson, Eileen Wallen Fox, Bill Corbin, Mike Petuskey, Mary Ellen Petuskey, Karen Bergman Petuskey

Help me out by making your reservation at this email address: basicidea@live.comname (please, for goodness sake add the name you had in high school – we’ve all killed too many memory cells since ’73), number in party, and contact email address …. easy as that…

For all other information please read the previous posts here at or send your questions to me at (let me type it just one more time)

Please note the $5 change for what we will be charging – $50 per person with $20 being donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of Bill Petuskey

What You Need (Must) Do …. pretty please

OHS/AHS Unofficial, No Fuss, No Muss 40 Year Class Reunion … Sunday, 29 September, 2 – 5 p.m., Renault Winery, Tuscan House, Egg Harbor …. SOUTH JERSEY, baby!

I have total empathy for the crew that put our 25 year gig together. This is going to be a pretty cool thing if we pull it off and have a good crowd there to enjoy it – BUT am asking everyone to do me a few big favors.

#1 RSVP to Scott R. at ONLY! … Telling me on Facebook or a comment on the website like “great idea, count me in” doesn’t count

#2 when you RSVP leave your name (the one you used in high school … Hey, it’s been a long time!), address, email address, how many will be coming with you and their names, and any questions you may have.

#3 cancellation policy – let me know before 15 September … no cancellation? You will still be billed! Someone is fronting the expenses with Renault for this thing so don’t screw it up!!! (We’ll keep a list – we know where to find you)

#4 REREAD #1

#5 ’73 grads Oakcrest and Absegami, of course .. But any of our friends are invited to join us …. More the merrier – also better for our class donation to the American Cancer Society in Billy Petuskey’s honor

#6 Teachers, coaches, front office? … YES, if you know where they are, tell them, invite them, send them to and tell them their assignment is to read and complete items #1 and #4 before class!

Ok, now the truth … We had to raise the price to $50 per person …. Just too many expenses to cover at 45 beans ….

Communication is pretty critical now as we aren’t that far away from Sept. 29 ….

Now, go out there and do your thing!

Cheers, sr