Unofficial 40 Year Class Reunion: Date, Place, Time and Cost

Renault Winery: Tuscan House

Sunday afternoon: 29 September 2013, 2-5 p.m.

$45 (with a cash bar) … $20 will automatically be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of Bill Petuskey

Dress – yes, please do .. keeping it real casual though

Who? – OHS/AHS Class of ‘73 primarily BUT – would welcome anyone from that era to join us and catch up on 40 years of friendship, success, failure and dirt. (we all have some of each!)

RSVP: yes, this means you! deadline to let us know if you are coming is 5 p.m. – 15 September … r.s.v.p. – a.s.a.p. to (will also entertain questions, suggestions, poems and marriage advice  … well, maybe not)

Payment: we are in the process of deciding how best to accomplish this (likely a PayPal account since I haven’t been able to find a fat cat from the class who will underwrite the whole thing) Keep tuned into this site and our FB link to receive this update – RSVP first, I’ll find you to get your money, trust me.

Your Mission should you decide to accept it: spread the word, send them here, talk it up, invite others .. girls – buy a nice dress, guys – wash your T-shirt


9 thoughts on “Unofficial 40 Year Class Reunion: Date, Place, Time and Cost

  1. Anyone have any good ideas about how we can collect the funds from all that are attending? Sent Scott a note with your ideas.. PayPal may not be able to work for us.

    • I have no problem with anyone coming to our reunion that didn’t actually graduate with our ’73 class. Like you, I had many friends junior and senior to me and would get a kick out of reconnecting. Besides, more people paying the ticket price means more of a donation in Billy P’s memory to the American Cancer Society.

      Please respond with your RSVP at where a data base of email addresses is being kept as well as the official guest count for the Renault Winery

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