Bueller? Bueller?

Hello? Is anyone out there? More importantly is there anyone out there from the Oakcrest – Absegami Class of ’73 interested in a reunion (of sorts)? During a recent visit to SJ to attend a memorial service for our classmate Bill Petuskey the subject came up as several from our class expressed not only an interest but a need as well.

Aside from the honor of saying goodbye to one of our class leaders it was great to say hello to so many old friends I hadn’t seen since our 25 year reunion. Personally, it’s becoming more and more important the older I get to hold on to the connections and friendships made over 40 years ago when life was easier and all of us believed we were immortal.

There’s been a lot of water over the dam in the last 40 years and the usual suspects have decided to give this reunion thing a try – but not in the sense that reunions typically are staged. This will be the No Fuss, No Muss, No wrist corsages or suit and tie affair where the emphasis is on catching up with old friends, telling lies about our high school exploits and exaggerating our lives since “Oaksegami” ’73 -(typical reunion stuff). The idea is to have a casual, unstuffy event that when you walk out to the parking lot when its over you realize you are glad you attended even though you weren’t so sure about it when you parked the car a few hours earlier.

Yes, there will be; ‘Hello my name is’ _____ because let’s be serious – our memories are shot and while most faces come back pretty fast the corresponding name doesn’t … Hey, it is what it is!

So here’s the plan. Let me (really doesn’t matter who me is) know if you are interested by emailing me with your return address and your thoughts at basicidea@live.com. Use your contact list, Facebook friends, and Twitter to spread the word, send them to this website oaksegami.wordpress.com and have them respond in kind. We’ll survey the response after about 30 days and get back to you on – when (likely this Fall), where (probably within 15 miles of OHS) and how much (more than a bucket of KFC and less than dinner at the Borgata). .. Could be a BBQ, could be a buffet – Remember No Fuss, No Muss